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Why Syrian Orphans Org

Why Syrian Orphans Org

Syrian Orphans Org. is a U.S. based humanitarian organization, founded by a group of influential Muslim American professionals dedicated to improving the lives of the orphaned children and the widowed in Syria and surrounding countries.

  • Our 100% Donation Policy ensures that every dollar of your generous contribution goes straight toward the benefit of the needy. Not one cent of your donation will be used towards administrative expenses.
  • We have a proven track record. With the support of our compassionate donors, we have successfully supported 1500 orphans with food, shelter and medication since 2013.
  • Customized our own orphan tracking application to collect and document data of orphaned children in Syria.  We have the capability to track orphans, their siblings, parents, guardians and their local coordinators. One major benefit of the application is that it allows donors to monitor the progress of their sponsored orphans. The application is scheduled to launch September 2014.
  • Syrian Orphans Org. is quickly expanding beyond the borders of Syria, and we need your help to keep the momentum going! We are opening our first full-time school in Turkey. The program will be available to 500 students when it initially launches. Other projects in Turkey currently in the pipeline include free dental and health clinics and a women and children’s protection program that will provide much needed social and psychiatric care.
  • By partnering with volunteers native to Syria we have assembled a network of well-connected personnel ON THE GROUND to manage the collection and distribution of food and medical supplies to the most affected individuals. Their familiarity with different cities provides a unique perspective that allows us to more precisely assess the need in certain areas. Further to that, our accessibility of much needed resources is incomparable to other US-based Non-Governmental Organizations operating in the area.

3.1 million children have been put at risk due to the unrelenting violence that continues to rage throughout Syria. No longer can they survive in a world of crumbling infrastructure, destroyed school buildings and hospitals with severely depleted medical supplies. These children who so profoundly believe that not a soul in the world cares whether they live or die, are completely reliant on the compassion and generosity of people like you; people who are willing make a sacrifice for their sake. Open your heart and commit to sponsoring one of these precious children today.

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