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Zakat Distribution


Zakat Distribution

The toothless child with oversized clothes clutches her doll, the one that’s missing an eye and a hand, as though it were her most prized possession. She has no clue as to why she’s here, where her parents are, how far from home she is. She talks about a war, but doesn’t really understand what it means; just that it has brought her to this refugee camp. In the last three years, the war in Syria has affected more than 4 million children. More are added every day.  Without food, healthcare and a home, these children are left vulnerable and uncared for. They need all the support we can give them, individually and as a group.

Zakat is not a choice. It is a requirement on us as Muslims to give back to those in need. Many of us, however, restrict our zakat to our own countries because we know someone there who can help the poor. But the people in our countries are not the only ones that need our help. This year, please consider helping the poor orphans in Syria. They need your help, as much as those in your own country.

It is said that the paying of Zakat purifies, increases and blesses the remainder of your wealth. If these blessings were to come by trying to do something for these sad, Syrian children, orphaned just because their country is at war, they would be extra special. After all, it is our duty to take care of the poor and less fortunate.

There’s a lot these children need – food, water, clothing, education, immunization. It is our duty to do the most we can to help them. The Syrian Orphans Org is working with our network on ground to give the Syrian orphans a better chance at life, a better today, and a better tomorrow. We hope to give the Syrian orphans a peaceful tomorrow, something which could perhaps lessen the impact of this war. For that, donate today. Maybe the toothless girl will smile at you some day, and touch your heart. Consider donating your Zakat to the children in Syria. 100% of the funds you donate will be given to the syrian orphans and families of orphans that have been affected by this savage war.

Zakat is not a choice. But who we give it to is. Please give your zakat to the orphans in Syria today because they deserve a better tomorrow.