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Winter Aid


Winter Aid

There are no shortage of trials and tribulations faced by the victims of the ongoing conflict in Syria. They were forced to leave their homes and struggle to survive day after day. While organizations like the Syrian Orphans Organization implement programs to support these victims year-round, the winter weather create time-sensitive challenges that make surviving these months especially difficult for those in need. We are blessed to have a roof over our heads and a home we can escape to when the weather gets cold. When we leave our homes during these months, we can cover up to brace the cold weather. The victims of this conflict have no such luxury. Many of them do not have a roof over their heads and lack even the most basic winter necessities including warm clothing and heating supplies. Many of them left their homes with just the clothes on their backs and simply have no way to brace the harsh winter weather.

The Syrian Orphans Organization is in a unique position to reach difficult-to-reach areas during these months. Our well-connected network of volunteers on the ground ensures that winter aid reaches areas other organizations have difficulty reaching. Without seasonal necessities, even the most resilient of women, children, and elderly cannot survive the harsh weather. It is our moral duty to do everything in our power to reach these people and provide them with seasonal necessities.

Our Winter Aid Program consists of two key services: (1) providing seasonal apparel such as warm clothing or blankets, and (2) providing seasonal heating requirements such as portable heaters or other heating supplies. We target areas that have been hit the hardest by winter conditions such as internal displaced camps. This seasonal initiative has already benefited thousands of internal displaced people and needy families.

Without donations from generous supporters like you, many of the women, children, and elderly will have no protection from the harsh reality that is winter. Please make a donation online today to ensure that we prepare aid for our winter programs and are able to act quickly when the time comes to dispense emergency relief. Programs like this require fast action and quick dispensing of aid when a storm hits. This is the nature of weather-related aid. Without support today, we cannot prepare a disaster relief program that can be dispersed within a moments notice come winter. Please donate online now to help us prepare aid for the inevitable winter months to come.