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Ramadan Food Project


Ramadan Food Project

This Ramadan, let’s get together and help the Syrian people. We have all been blessed with way more than we need. And it is time we gave something back to the people that need it more than us. Our Ramadan Food Program consists of two key services:

Iftar Kitchen (dialy hot meal
Our iftars include fresh bread, fruits, and hot meals. These meals are provided to those who are most unfortunate and have not received such luxuries. Syrian Orphans Org works hard to ensure that many of the poor, eldery and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Syria who share this spiritual bond of fasting are served a wholesome and nutritious hot meal each evening as part of the Iftar.

Ramadan Food Basket
The Syrian Orphan Organization has organized Ramadan Food Baskets that can be sent to the families and children in Syria. The food basket will contain the essential nutrients that they need to survive; dates, rice, lentils, flour, sugar and oil.

During this blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims have the opportunity to provide a luxury and enjoy the rewards for their generosity. Let us pull our resources together and help the Syrian orphans, their families, needy man, women, and internally displaced persons to break their fast. Donate now.

$10 per iftar

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