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Orphan Sponsorship


Orphan Sponsorship

The Syrian Orphans Organization was formed with the intention to make lasting positive changes in the lives of disadvantaged orphans affected by the ongoing crisis in Syria. The children in Syria are being forced to live in dismal conditions with almost no food, medical aid and shelter. Most of these children have also been orphaned and have no one left to look after them. In light of the devastating atrocities being committed in Syria, we find ourselves responding to a more urgent call to action. We are focused on providing displaced Syrian orphans, women and children with basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, and medical care.

This is our primary program and central focus. Sponsorship entails the provision of the basic needs listed above. Through our orphan sponsorship program alone, we have supported close to 2,000 orphans. However, through our various other initiatives such as our Zakat, Ramadan, Food Basket, and Winter Aid programs, we have reached several thousand more orphans and their families.

Our primary focus has always been and remains the orphans and children of this conflict. A contribution of less than $2 a day, or just $50 per month for a minimum of 12 months, is often enough to lift an orphan’s entire family out of poverty. Sponsorships strive to keep orphans with family members, allowing them to remain with a guardian who may not otherwise be able to afford to care for them on their own. Each monthly contribution ensures that the basic needs listed above are met for one child. This means that less than $2 a day, which is less than the cost of a cup of coffee, can help us save a child and give them the life they truly deserve.

What makes us unique is that (1) we have a well-connected network on the ground, (2) we are able to utilize that network to reach difficult to reach places, and (3) we have a 100% donation policy. This means that every single dollar that is collected from you for sponsorship is utilized for meeting the needs of orphans. Not one cent of your generous donation will go towards administrative or fundraising expenses. We cover these ancillary expenses using private donations and our own resources.

We urge you to donate towards our monthly sponsorship program by contributing less than $2 a day. The orphaned children in Syria have been through the kind of trauma and torture that no child deserves. Your sponsorship will be directly responsible for providing them with a brighter future. It is up to supporters like you to help these children live a life that all children truly deserve. Please don’t wait and donate now.

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